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31 Brilliant Ideas For a Better World, B. Van Lier, B. Nolan


Each year, What Design Can Do publishes a conference book with a report of the event, speaker information, articles by designers and theorists, and much more. The most recent book, titled “31 Brilliant Ideas for a Better World”, was launched during WDCD 2015 to mark the event’s 5 year anniversary.

Throughout the past 5 years of What Design Can Do, close to one hundred speakers from all continents and disciplines have taken to the stage to present cutting edge work, spanning the full spectrum of creative disciplines. We have gathered a selection of that work — 31 projects to be exact, each presented with images, an explanatory text, and a brief biography of the maker — into a handsome celebratory publication, called 31 Brilliant Ideas For a Better World. The book, first presented at WDCD2015, paints a picture of the incredible variety of What Design Can Do. It’s also something of an encyclopedia of ideas, highlighting where today’s vanguard designers are taking their profession as they work to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. With contributions by Carlo Ratti, Césare Peeren, Piet Oudolf, Urban-Think Tank, among others.

• 100 pages
• Hardcover
• 7" x 9"