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After Wake, Aaron McElroy


After Wake is a collection of visual fragments and anonymous female subjects from the artist’s daily life. Separated from the minutia of McElroy’s lived reality, however, the photographs also allow for an endless drift of fictitious suggestion and voyeurism. After Wake can be a half-alert morning recollection of disjointed dreams. Or it's a catalog of contradictory eyewitness accounts. It may also be selections from the visual diaries of a life-long peeping tom. Perhaps it's a snapshot paper trail of lovely women from a savant's poetic thoughts. Or it's the happy Saturday memories of two lovers, tinged by the banal possessions of a soiled suburban life. It may also be something like outtakes from a B movie chronicling pleasure, grotesque beauty, infidelity, addiction, abuse and redemption. In short, After Wake is a collection of provoking photographs by McElory that eschews concept and meaning in favor of imagination.

• 127 pages, 62 color photographs
• 6" x 8" in.
• Perfect bound softcover
• Foil stamped pearl finish cover
• Second edition of 200