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Uta Eisenrich + James Langdon, A Play


This book is published in accompaniment to 'Things On A Table', a performance by Uta Eisenreich and Eva Meyer-Keller. The performers handle and display a collection of everyday objects, following the text 'Objects Lie On A Table' by Gertrude Stein as a score. Stein's objects — a pot, a pan, a ladle, etc. — are at once their humble selves and characters in a series cryptic narratives. The book departs from Stein's text in an alternative, entirely graphic direction, constructing narrative from a set of simple geometric shapes. These forms follow the same logic of transformation, asking the reader, for example: 'Am I a saucer, or a moon, or just a circle of printed ink?'

• 96 Pages
• Full Color
• 4" x 7"